The Truth About the FDA:
It Could Change Your Life

The Life You Save May Be Your Own


"This is a must read book if you care about your health." 

Jeff Kanter, Co-Founder of My Academy of Health Excellence



A tremendous job documenting the history of the FDA’s crimes against humanity.”

Bill Faloon, co-founder of Life Extension


Learn How the FDA is Directly Affecting Your Life

The 1962 Amendments to the Food & Drug Act have probably shaved at least five years off of your lifespan without making drugs safer and more effective.

                In her new book, Death by Regulation: How We Were Robbed of a Golden Age of Health and How We Can Claim It, Dr. Mary Ruwart details how the FDA shifted our medical paradigm from inexpensive prevention to costly treatment, censored life-saving nutritional approaches to disease, added a decade to the time it takes to get a new drug from the lab bench to market place, destroyed over half of our medical/pharmaceutical/nutritional innovations, and caused the prices of drugs to soar without improving safety or effectiveness. Find out how to reclaim our Golden Age of Health!

Death by Regulation is one of the most important books of the 21st Century. The tragic impact of FDA regulations makes this a cause of life and death to all of us.”
Ken Schoolland, Associate Professor of Economics at Hawaii Pacific University

Millions of Americans Die Waiting for Lifesaving Drugs

Throughout her life, Dr. Ruwart has emphasized prevention, worked in the pharmaceutical industry, consulted with nutraceutical (vitamin and supplement) firms, and familiarized herself with economic principles. To explain the negative impact of the 1962 Amendments to the Food & Drug Act, this book first addresses how they reshaped the pharmaceutical industry, where most of the economic research has been done. This knowledge is necessary for you to understand the devastating consequences that the Amendments have had on the practice of medicine and how the Amendments shifted us from a prevention-based paradigm to a treatment-based one. 

“Dr. Ruwart’s rigorous and hard-hitting analysis is a shocking eye opener and essential reading for anyone who wants to understand why medical progress is so painfully slow in the United States.”
Kyle Varner, MD, Medical Director, Elite Locum Tenens LLC, Spokane, Washington

You may be asking yourself, “If the Amendments have had such a dire impact, why haven’t I heard about it before?” Without insider information about how the Amendments act behind the scenes, even a dedicated journalist would have a difficult time putting the story together.

In addition, most insiders have good reasons to be silent. Blowing the whistle on the Amendments would make their job difficult and might even endanger the financial solvency of their company. Still, many might speak out if they thought their comments would be taken seriously instead of simply being ridiculed.

However, if drug companies or their employees tell the American public that the regulations, which were meant to police the pharmaceutical industry and protect consumers, often do just the opposite, their concerns are likely to be discounted. Such comments would, at best, be labeled politically incorrect and, at worst, self-serving. Why risk your job, your company, and your good name when no one is likely to believe you anyway?

Death by Regulation is undoubtedly the most insightful and comprehensive analysis of the unintended consequences – and mind-numbing costs in terms of shortened lives and suffering – of the 1962 legislation.”
Bartley Madden, author of Free to Choose Medicine

The 1962 Amendments to the Food & Drug Act have caused the premature death of about half of the Americans who have died since then. This “living law” continues to reshape our health care paradigm from prevention to treatment. Regulations can have side effects that are just as deadly as drugs. This book doesn’t just generalize: Dr. Ruwart demonstrates that 30 times as many Americans have died from these Amendments than from all US wars since our nation’s founding!  

I invite you to consider what you read within the pages of Death by Regulation very carefully. The life you save may be your own.



Dr. Mary J. Ruwart is a biomedical researcher and ethicist. She holds a BS in biochemistry (1970), and a PhD in biophysics (1974) from Michigan State University. After 2 1/2 years on the faculty of the Department of Surgery at Saint Louis University School of Medicine, Ruwart spent 19 years as a pharmaceutical research scientist for the Upjohn Company.

She currently chairs an IRB (Institutional Review Board), consults with nutraceutical companies, and has been an expert witness against the FDA.